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KAZUSHI ONO conductor 大野和士 指揮者


BIZET : Carmen
Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
New National Theatre Chorus, BIWAKO HALL Vocal Ensamble

New National Theatre Tokyo
Carmen: Stéphanie D'OUSTRAC Don José: MURAKAMI Toshiaki Escamillo: Alexandre DUHAMEL
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REVIEW : Houston Symphony’s night of Russian music excels Privacy
And sure enough, frst-time guest conductor Kazushi Ono and the Houston Symphony delivered a first-rate concert steeped in stormy emotions, fragile beauty, and widescreen grandeur on Thursday night.

This concerto has a lot of moving parts, but maybe the most remarkable was an extended passage during the second movement where the volume barely rose above a whisper.

As Trpčeski and the orchestra slowly teased a four-note theme into a complex dialogue of rising intensity, one of those moments when the air seems to be sucked out of the room.

A few minutes later, as Ono led a grand march behind him, the soloist at last dug into one of those signature Rachmaninoff melodies where one chord crashes into the next.

- from Houston Chronicle by Chris Gray