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KAZUSHI ONO conductor 大野和士 指揮者


BIZET : Carmen
Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
New National Theatre Chorus, BIWAKO HALL Vocal Ensamble

New National Theatre Tokyo
Carmen: Stéphanie D'OUSTRAC Don José: MURAKAMI Toshiaki Escamillo: Alexandre DUHAMEL
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Critical acclaim for Ono at Glyndebourne Festival Opera
31 Jul. 2012
Kazushi Ono received critical acclaim following performances of the Ravel double bill L’Heure espagnole and L’enfant et les sortilèges at Glyndebourne Festival Opera.

“Pelly’s direction is straightforward, alert, musical, timed to perfection, just sufficiently overstated, intensely witty. It had the audience in stitches and, by the end, bubbling with pleasure. And musically the performance is a model of idiomatic sparkle, conducted with sublime precision by Kazushi Ono, and tossed off without a tremor by the London Philharmonic Orchestra…Pelly’s staging, with unforgettable designs by Barbara de Limburg (costumes here and in L’Heure espagnole by Pelly himself with Jean-Jacques Delmotte), responds to these strengths and weaknesses. The first scene is sheer brilliance: the child (Khatouna Gadelia) utterly convincing, tiny on an outsize chair and table, across which the broken teapot (Piolino again) and Chinese cup (Elodie Méchain) cavort suggestively; the irresistible scene of the torn wallpaper and the bereft toile de jouy shepherds and shepherdesses; and much, much else. All quite magical…. Pelly, Limburg and co. remain supremely watchable, imaginative and sensitive to detail. Once again the musical performance is nonpareil: far too many singers to list, a real company effort on the highest level, several roles doubled, and without a noticeable weakness. And Kazushi Ono again presides with discreet mastery and a feeling for the light touch without which Ravel would not be Ravel.”
- The Arts Desk 5 August

“[L’enfant et les sortilèges] lasts just 45 minutes, but I could have wished it three times as long, as Pelly’s treatment of Colette’s charmingly regretful morality tale works its delicate spell.”
- The Independent 6 August 2012

“Pelly is a master at bringing abstract ideas to life… [his] L'enfant et les sortilèges is a masterwork of emotional intelligence and sensitivity, absolutely informed by Ravel's music…. Kazushi Ono defines the structure with clarity, and the chorus moves with precision.”
- Opera Today 6 August

“L’enfant et les sortilèges - is here presented enchantingly. There’s applause when the curtain rises on Barbara de Limburg’s set — rightly so, with Khatouna Gadelia’s pre-pubescent vandal hilariously dwarfed by giant table, chair and mother.…The London Philharmonic plays Ravel’s mischievously suggestive music with wit and sensuality under Kazushi Ono’s discreet direction.”
- The Times 5 August 2012